Push It Like Beckham

Push It Like Beckham

Victoria Beckham's Exclusive iCandy Pram: From Custom Creation to Fashion Phenomenon

 Expecting her fourth child and only girl - Victoria Beckham's search for the perfect stroller took a remarkable turn when she set her heart on the British and Iconic iCandy Apple in Grape, a luxurious choice that mirrored her fashion taste. However, this particular model and colourway was discontinued, and unavailable. After searching every store in the USA and worldwide on the hunt for this stroller -  iCandy went above and beyond to create a bespoke version of their newest model, the iCandy Peach, in a stunning Parma Violet colorway exclusively for Victoria.

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Discovering Parma Violet: Victoria's preference for the unique hue of purple for her daughter transformed the iCandy Peach into a symbol of bespoke luxury and innovation. iCandy's commitment to craftsmanship and personalized service ensured Victoria received a pram that not only met - but exceeded her expectations for the perfect luxury stroller.

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The Trendsetter's Impact: Victoria Beckham's choice and endorsement of the iCandy Peach in Parma Violet, catapulted it into the limelight, becoming a sought after choice among fashion-conscious moms worldwide. The blend of elegance and functionality made it a bestseller for iCandy, setting a new standard in luxury strollers that still holds true today, making the iCandy stroller the most coveted choice for every modern mom. iCandy resonates with parents seeking both style and substance.

 Media and Public Enthusiasm: With the iCandy Peach in Parma Violet being the choice of stroller for Victoria and David Beckham - this sparked a frenzy among fans and followers of the Beckham's, elevating iCandy's profile as a preferred brand for luxury strollers in the USA and beyond. Its exclusivity and association with Victoria Beckham reinforced iCandy's reputation as a trendsetting force in the parenting industry, creating a brand which was CHOSEN by many celebrities and Royalty.



Why Choose iCandy: For parents in search of sophistication and reliability, iCandy Strollers stand out with their dedication to creating strollers that marry style with practicality. The bespoke creation of the Parma Violet iCandy Peach exemplifies the brand's ability to cater to the needs and desires of modern parents who prioritize quality and aesthetic appeal.

Victoria Beckham's journey to acquire the bespoke Parma Violet iCandy Peach underscores the brand's commitment to innovation and luxury in the realm of strollers. Whether you are looking for the most stylish or the most functional stroller for your precious newborn - iCandy delivers on both! iCandy's reputation for excellence, style and quality keep it a top choice for parents looking to make a stylish statement while ensuring the utmost comfort for their little ones. Join the ranks of fashion-forward moms and discover why the iCandy Peach continues to charm and delight across the globe.

Now available in the USA  is a range of colours - iCandy is the top choice for those who can choose the very best.

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