The Royal Connection: Why iCandy Baby Strollers Became a Royal Favorite

The Royal Connection: Why iCandy Baby Strollers Became a Royal Favorite

When it comes to baby strollers, very few brands can boast the royal endorsement!  This British luxury stroller collection has not only earned the trust of parents worldwide but also captured the admiration of the British Royal Family. Brothers Bradley and Warren Appel have received the prestigious Queen's Award twice - in  2016 for enterprise in international trade and again in 2018 for Innovation - iCandy was also favored by Zara Tindall and Meghan Markle, as the stroller of choice for their new arrivals.

iCandy's story is a testament to excellence, heritage, and royal approval.


A Mark Of Distinction - The Queens Award

Being awarded one of the highest accolades a business can receive In 2016, iCandy was honored with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. This prestigious award, was awarded by Queen Elizabeth II. Recognising exceptional achievements in international trade, innovation, and sustainable development. This confirmed iCandys commitment to quality and its success in expanding its global presence. The Queen’s Award not only elevated the brand’s status but also highlighted its dedication to excellence and craftsmanship—values synonymous with the Royal Family.  iCandy went on to be awarded the Queens recognition for innovation showing iCandy is a trye leader in the development of modern strollers.


Zara Tindall: Royal Granddaughter &  An Equestrian Olympian

Zara Tindall, the accomplished Olympic Gold Medal equestrian and granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II, niece to the now King of England is known for her down-to-earth approach to motherhood. When it came to choosing her baby equipment, Zara was looking for a stroller that could cope with her active and demanding lifestyle. Zara opted for the iCandy and Range Rover collaboration stroller. Which brought two of the most respected brands together.  Zara's selection of the iCandy brand speaks volumes about its reputation for reliability, functionality, and style. Zara's choice emphasizes the quality, versatility and durability of the iCandy stroller collection, choosing a brand that is suitable for both everyday use and more rugged outdoor adventures.

Meghan Markle - Chooses The Modern Luxury Stroller 

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, brought a modern touch to the Royal Family with her marriage to Prince Harry. Meghan Markle is impeccably stylish and bang on trend,  Meghan advocates fiercely for quality products, and showed her preference for iCandy. Her choice of an iCandy stroller for baby Archie was seen as a nod to contemporary elegance and practical parenting. Leading the way in Meghan’s endorsement of the brand aligns with her image of blending tradition with modernity, making iCandy an ideal choice for today's discerning parents.


Why is iCandy The Best Stroller For Your Baby

What does make the iCandy From Birth Stroller So Special?

Here are a few reasons why they have captured the hearts of royal and non-royal parents alike: around the world!

  1. Craftsmanship and Quality: iCandy strollers are designed with meticulous attention to detail. High-quality materials and robust construction ensure durability and safety for little ones.
  2. Innovative Design: iCandy strollers offer innovative features such as multi-mode functionality, easy maneuverability, and adjustable seating positions. These design elements cater to the dynamic needs of modern families. Going from a single to double or even twin bassinet stroller!
  3. Style and Elegance: With sleek lines and sophisticated aesthetics, iCandy strollers exude a timeless elegance that appeals to fashion-conscious parents and celebrities who really want to invest in the best stroller for their newborn baby.
  4. Practicality: From ample storage space to smooth folding mechanisms, iCandy strollers are designed with the practical needs of parents in mind, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

So if you are looking for your perfect stroller - take a look at the Luxurious iCandy Stroller collection - designed to be the best stroller choice for one or two little ones!

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